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The carmanauts are coming at you strong in
2013. Ten energetic and beautifully angry songs
are to be heard on CARMA STAR’s latest  
album „Eloquence For The Mob“

This third record after „Headroom Of Conscience“
(still as COMA STAR)  and „Where My Soul
Begins To Bend“ shows a lot of variety and
new nuances of the basel-based three-piece band

statement of the three carmanauts. Ben, Emmi and
Chris developped and refined their style of music
and the ten new tracks punch in your face straight
ahead. Punkrock-attitude-packed songs meet the
actual alternative rock scene embedded in massive
guitar walls backed by roaring basslines and mighty
drumming. Unconventional arranges and great lyrics
make this album a fantastic piece of art!

Jaro left the Band after 10 years, and we thank him for
support and energy during all this time!
we are more than pleased to announce, that fredy rotter (ex-coma star and now zatokrev) will be our new guitarplayer for upcoming shows!

Dec 13, 2013 . Delemont SAS 11pm

Dec 14, 2013 . Arosa Los Bar 10pm


Carma star wishes merry x-mas and a happy new year!

Carma Star
P.O.Box 333
CH-4020 Basel