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april 2012
we're looking forward to our holland weekend end of april!

march 2012
thank's galery pratteln for an awesome show! great fun!!

february 2012
los bar arosa rockkked!
1h45... the longest show carma star ever played!
more of those!

october 2011
first 2 songs of our upcoming dvd
"eloquence for the mob" is online!!
check 2 songs here

september 2011
checking out a second guitarist,
carma star will be a quartet soon!

august 2011
recorded our open air - show on basels river
with 6 cameras... dvd will be available end of fall!

mai 2011
new booker on board!
Vincent Dévauds "Best of Underground"

feb 2011
our vinyl edition "eloquence for the mob"
has arrived. beautiful red vinyl! order it here

december 2013

We're about to write songs for the fourth
carma star album! release should be january 2015
if everything goes well!


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